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tv   Today  NBC  August 19, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello everybody. it is friday, friday indeed. it is april 4th. this seemed like a long week. >> yes, it does. even though it's a little warmer. it finally did start warming up. this weekend it's supposed to be in the 60s. finally a couple of different places to know at the end of the talk. you know tomorrow is brit knee
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shribers birthday. did you know that. >> you know, i did that. she's listened such she was a little girl. now she's a grown woman. she's forever 21. we will not say how old she is. happy brit. >> we love you. >> one of my favorite people. she's one of the guest lucky fans anjelo. the stars of true tv's hard core pawn are here with us. today, hug and anchor day. but there are rules according to the huffington post on hugging in general. >> first of all hugging in the first place. it said it's okay to hug your peers but never hug people who supervise you. >> why wouldn't you?
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i've done it. >> jerry and roap are hugging right now of the don't do that guys, really hoda is a major hugger. >> why are you offended by it. >> i don't want to be hugged by just everybody and anybody. there's certain people i enjoy a hug from. other people i'm just a little uncomfortable. >> the worst hug is the first one. don't even go in. >> one of the worst things is oh, you look like you need a hug. >> i hate that. >> and you go you look like you need a slap. >> sometimes i'm unclear whether it's okay to go in for the hug. >> if you open up your arounds and you're like i'm here -- and
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she always come in. he says never hug from behind. don't surprise people that way. and finally they say don't ever do this. don't close your eyes or whisper, you smell good when you're hugging people professionally. >> you have whispered that to people. i think it's a great compliment. >> there's nothing sexier whispering in your ear when they are hugging you. don't you think it's great when someone says eo my god -- wow. so reddit. they are talking about things will are that currently pool according to teen daj , agers.
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teens say the cool things are snap chat, whine, instagram. do you know what's not cool. >> they are already over facebook. >> twitter wasn't mentioned. >> it's when the parents discover the thing. when parents start vining the kids will be over it. >> beauty. >> yes. >> having pronounced eyebrows now and talking about them a lot. >> that's what teens do. oh, my god your brows are so good. >> that's what they do. have you seen the threading. >> i got on the elevator the other day to go to my dentist. i said hello he was right next to the doctor. i go what do you do? >> he said i'm an eye brow
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threader. >> he did his brows. >> do you have a problem with that. >> what if they smell it. >> in fashion abercrombie and fich. >> i thought they were under this. >> nothing new under the sun. >> music and film. electronic dance music and the frozen track. >> i don't like techno. >> there's two things that have been combined. think think. that's good. even know their frontal globes are not forled.
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a prankster decided they were go willi going through the front. let's take a look how people reacted. >> do you know what's annoying, bouncers who let you in after being on the list, do you have a list. >> for what? >> for coffee. >> you don't like the genius bar. >> that request. >> so she can get in. >> well, she's hot. if you want some coffee you can go right in for her coffee. >> can you take it? >> what kind of coffee are you
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getting. >> green tea i. i can't help it. with a is it with had voice that everyone does. o god. this awas c ket reated. did he hear that jlo tweeted us after she said i love you poppy irk good. >> this is a two legged dog skr don't laugh you.
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oerk e b -- he had a wheel chair but he didn't like it. >> look at him. >> that's unbelievable hoda stop it. i love rescue operations consumer washington. >> that toughening an. sometimes it just happens. all right earl yy i want to see
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what you think. early one morning a mom went in to wake up your son. the son turned over and wined why, i don't want to go. the son said well the kids hate me for one, the kids hate me for 2. come on, get ready. she tried to pull him out of bed. the son yelled give me two republican reasons why i should go to jail. well, for 1, 52 years old and for two, you're the principle. >> get out your junk, hoda. >>-uh-huh stars of pawn are up
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have you ever cleaned out your closet to find stuff what do i do with it. >> the stars of hard core pawn will tell you. the show follows the family. things can get heated when it's a family affair. take a look. >> don't forget guys, i bought at least one semi full of television sets. have you seen how many trk vs are current warehouse? >> what are you doing with 500 tvs. they are here. >> can you sell that gentleman
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we sold? one week 100 telephone iings. i think it's a little obsessive. where do you get a truck reclaimed stuff and i rent them. tell you which direction to go someti sometimes. >> have you ever been as long as i was. >> no, never. you can't be right all the time. >> do you admit it. >> yeah, he admitted when he's wrong which is a lot. >> we have to try to get rid tf
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of something and try to get some quick something. >> we want to change the p perception of pawn hop. >> when police walk in and s say -- >> nothing surprises me people bring in a diamonds. i will show you later. they bring in anything j you dope foe was going to walk in the door. >> you can make a good living didding this.
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>> it's all about the lawn shop. >> we had our producer bring in a necklace. when i have you do issic necklace your shhad yous had yo >> republican -- >> is it gritty? >> it should be gritty. if you remember it against your front tooth that means it's real. >> how much is that worth. >> it's worth $500.
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>> also what i notice is a classic karat. >> the hard part are spots memorabil memorabilia. i would appraise that for $300. >> it would probably value around people don't know that they have value. this has heuro caught cuthis.
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>> guys, good luck with your show. >> i look young. i get it of the har car pawn. >> byy all abuzz over tech accessories. coming up right after this. awwww yeah.
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it's time for bobby's buzz from hot headphones there's always a way to stay in style. today's head he dhas this at
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bob has tech everything this month. really, this? this is a cross body case that has made my life so muchier you wear look at this. iphone and the samsung galaxy s 5 which is coming. next i next, we have what hoda is modeling for us. another fantistic hand candy which is influenced by the headphone. >> these are all affordable right. >> all affordable.
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everything that will make your t.s even pet better. >> interest those for more. last but not least, there's a charging case that kills germs at night but when you put it on the screen, it avoids fingerprints during the day and keep it's clean. >> for this thing you put it in at night to clean it and it cleans it and kill the batteries exposures it j y. >> i only understand a little by. >> looking to save money on food? wait till you hear about the expiration. >> oh, my god.
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who is that? this? i can't even. he with libb libby.
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back with more on "today." >> have you ever looked at a cartridge and smelled it and thought it's got to be safe to it. >> it's not. don't worry today diet editor is here to help you spring clean. >> hello. >> there's so much food waist nowadays. all of these labors are manned adoor accept for baby marm
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formula. the other more confusing is used by. most often times this is for quality not safety but there are some himthings at the bottom of your fridge that you can't leave there forever. that's part of our game. let's play keep or toss. >> so now we have some exits used by today. would you keep it or toss. you are you'going to be fine. >> a lot of these regulations are all due to wrong conditions for your fridge. >> next we will have new dehli
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turkey. >> that is not right. >> purchased high school turk why you need to sell by today. >> you can keep this for seven to ten days it's optimal taste. this label is best used pi twos monthing. this is the key.
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>> let's talk tippicle li. >> toss it. >> you need to know if it me ises toss it. >> that's amassing if bought choob ease monday on this. >> let's take a look at all you see is bad lettuce. it says best of today. >> that's key. >> how long is it good keep irk noing long.
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>> i used to work in a restaurant where we would throw that in a a vat of water that would eat away the brown stuff and then you served it. that's what we it. >> has to are quality issue the save issue you. >> this ground will be frozen for six months. >> keep it. >> frozen for ten months, can you kpeep it around.
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>> that won't make you sick but it will give you seizer burn. >> madeline, that was fun. >> on the hunt for easter close to your kids we will have the latest facts. >> an award winning travel zining as 4 and your family. ja it it cl
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. it is time for today's travel and the perfect family get aways. if you're looking for a great destination to take the kids. the folks at family fun magazine
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have some fun ideas. >> they asked readers to rate your their favorite destinations. in order to look at the hot spots, editor, marry ann. >> we scoured the country for the most friendly places around. >> they had to be free or $18 o or less. >> our family related. >> our number one opinion is relit. we have a jungle exhibit.
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t oshtoleto. >> i lover that. >> we had some really fun museums that rose to the top here. the number two exhibit -- museum was the museum of science and indux ri in schaug. it's t . you can see a four story tall simulated tornado. >> it's all interactive it looks like. >> it's so interactive. >> this is the number one. [ music playing ]
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this is the strong museum entirely devoted to play. you can dress a giant mpot yoet oe helaugh category. >> our favorites lakeshore, michigan. of course the dunes. you can actually climb on them. some of them are 300 feet. the thub one is smokily national park. >> it's so beautiful there. >> we love the gorgeousness of this park and the variety of things to do there from hiking
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and biking and kandable thing. you can see thank thanks a lot there. ro right after this.
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amy goodman happens to be a mom to find dress up clothes who are friendly and comfortable for kids. any special trends hitting streets m shmic as,sfrt you put
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will will. we have baby lily wearing h and and m. i think the eye lid is classic for easter. it is done in a floral pattern. that's so cute. i can't take it. lily, where's momma? there she is. thanks to radio flier for that build a wagon so we can bring
2:50 am
her in and out. >> thank you. very good job. >> next job, we have josh, maxine and solet. >> between of them of love the brands. they are so snazzy and made in the usa. solet has beautiful accessories on her. i love her bracelet from rustic cup. >> isn't that sad. >> everybody is very envious of her gladiator sandals. because they offer so much cover ooj it's actually a great transitional cover region. >> next up, we have ashlynne and
2:51 am
alanna, come on out. >> producer tammy is beautiful girl gentleman i need to put dan in wonderful layers as well. >> bring her out. >> designers really ex-brace it. it relly does provide without the weight. >> we have alahna here wot the piece from right are on the strap. ashlynne has got the total look. >> she hasn't been practicing that or anything. i love her separate. she's got the cool ballet so that's even better. >> don't hate me because i'm
2:52 am
beautiful. >> we rounded out her look. look at the sweaters and shoes. never naclolaus, mya, and jack coming up. >> how cute are these guys. >> i could not escape the anchors. she's wearing h and m that sells for $9.85. i put all the kids. he's wearing kenneth cole. they are all like slip ones. last but not least we have him who is wearing jack. >> lastly we have pastels, piper, john, mare.
2:53 am
>> you offer a different twist. i love it. so she's wearing the green overlay lace which is so fresh. this is by cherokee. also piper is wearing cherokee. the different is the print with the sequence. last but not least done here is the middle is actually very accomplished ballet dancer. i wanted to give him clothes with the bow tie. come on out. >> everybody wave good-bye. offer jackie collins gets lucky in our kitchen. the recipe she cooks up for her most famous fictional character. first this is "today" on nbc. can you guys wave?
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[ applause ]
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>> you know the best selling author of steamy glamorous novels. she's taking her talents to the kitchen inspired by her beloved character. food as delicious as her plot line. >> i'm thinking a little green with an irresistible greens. >> if i it with a do i get in concern pt maybe i've not hunch what that is. that brings me to the pumpkin pie. >> well, that was iingt.
2:57 am
>> i call it dead decadent beca it's beautiful. >> coagulated. >> these things happen. >> is that a pinch salt. >> zn. >> it's the baking soeta. >> all the butter guys in. when this is meted we put that in that of the we add the put
2:58 am
that is tlt aaway to do. >> dump it in there. >> it's not melted enough. >> is smells good, huh. >> what happened here. >> dump it into the pie dish. >> it will be beautiful. >> it's going to look like that so we can move onto the chocolate. >> do i push that on here kroo yoo i can do i here. >> that pie crust is beautiful. >> well, the chocolate you just add this. the best. it is really fantastic. it's melted chocolate and sugar
2:59 am
and milk and lemon butter. you put a baking soeta in. >> now you're making some p. >> you take them out and i flip it. >> can you flip it for me. no, put it down. yeah. you do it. >> it's not coming out. >> i'm just going to eat it. here is one done. >> this is it. >> all the trait recipes on klg
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and hoda. >> i'm here to help. and i will get through this together. ♪


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